Meet Executive Director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition Mark Wyatt

I am Mark Wyatt, and I am the executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. We work on bicycling issues across the state, but our biggest goal is to make bicycling safe and enjoyable.

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So you can see us working on policy issues with the legislature of Iowa DOT. We hold an annual conference on bicycle facilities.  We hold events to bring more people to the fun of bicycling.

I came to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, not as an advocate, but as an enthusiast. I rode a few RAGBRAIs, I raced a little, and I enjoyed riding my bicycle. But, the legislature proposed to ban bicycles from Iowa roadways and it launched a new career for me with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. We fought that challenge, but we also worked on more positive issues.

The American Heart Association is a different place for me than it is for more policy works. I am also a paramedic in Iowa City - a job I have held for 24 years. I am a current Advanced Cardiac Life Support provider, so I work around EKG's and cardiac drugs all the time. I am one of the few people that work on both the policy and clinical end of the American Heart Association.

My passion is to get people healthy, by making bicycling an easy and convenient choice for transportation.

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