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Dr. Hooks-Anderson is a Family Physician and the President of American Heart Association’s Board of Directors in St. Louis, MO. She is a community leader and vocal advocate for better health policy, having been instrumental in the work of the American Heart Association over the past several years.

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Her leadership includes serving as a Go Red for Women luncheon speaker, a STEM event panelist for high school girls, and a spokesperson for AHA on various issues, most recently being on our campaign to expand Medicaid in Missouri - helping 230,000 Missourians gain access to healthcare coverage. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hooks-Anderson last year at our Federal Lobby Day in Washington D.C. There she led the Missouri delegation in speaking to Members of Congress on the importance of cardiovascular research, restricting the sale of flavored tobacco, and ending surprise medical billing. She brought not only a wealth of knowledge to those conversations, but a true passion for helping better peoples’ lives.  

Dr. Hooks-Anderson has been working to reduce health disparities her entire career. She has seen the devastating effects of uncontrolled hypertension not only in her practice but also in her family. A few years ago, her father died suddenly of a heart attack in his home. For her, the practice of medicine is more of a ministry instead of just a job. Therefore, giving back to the community is part of her desire to fulfill her purpose. 

When selecting voices for last month’s campaign on access to care, there was an immediate consensus behind Dr. Hooks-Anderson. When she agreed to be a spokesperson, she dove in right away. Her support included article submissions, interviews, and a self-filmed informational video that received over 86,700 views. Without her voice and expertise, we might still be fighting for Medicaid expansion in Missouri. 

Thank you, Dr. Hooks-Anderson! 


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