Meet Belinda Waggoner

Meet Belinda Waggoner, an active mom suffering a heart attack on Mother's Day.

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Belinda Waggoner is the type of person who gives her all to everything she does.

She devoted so much to the human resources company she founded that she wound up with high blood pressure. So her focus became getting healthy. She started by walking, then upped her game to triathlons.

After shedding 70 pounds, the mother of two – including a soon-to-be-married daughter – thought she was in the best shape of her life.  “That’s when God said, ‘Here you go, honey. Here’s your heart attack,’” she said.  That was last Mother’s Day.

The day before, Waggoner and her husband, Terry, were three miles into a 30-mile ride along the bike trails in Kansas City when she started feeling bad. Waggoner stopped, let whatever it was pass and continued riding.  Read more about Belinda’s heart attack.

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