Meet Antrone "Juice" Moore

On September 26, 2012, Antrone suffered a massive brain hemorrhage stroke at the age of 37.


While working out at the local rec center, his condition started to worsen. Eventually, he was unable to move and communicate. The paramedics were called and Antrone was transported to Maine General Hospital. The hospital staff did what they could for him; unfortunately, they were not equipped with a trauma center. The medical staff had no choice and had to transfer him to a facility, Maine Medical Center, which was over 45 minutes away.

Antrone was placed in an induced coma which lasted 10 days. The doctors said he had a 50/50 chance to survive and there was a strong possibility that he would be paralyzed and unable to speak if he did make it. After over a two-month stay in the hospital, it was time to face the world. With the aid of a walker, Antrone was able to slowly walk a short distance. Dissatisfied with his current physical state, he took matters into his own hands and pushed his boundaries. Going beyond physical and occupational therapy, Antrone worked tirelessly in the gym on his own time to regain balance and strength.

Antrone will never be the same physically or mentally, but his determination refused to allow his disability to win.

Currently, Antrone is able to maneuver without the aid of a walker and has regained some independence. Motivated by the fact that he received a second chance at life, Antrone has taken it upon himself to spread stroke awareness.

Recently, he has written his memoir, "A Walking Testimony – Stroke Survivor: My Second Chance," which chronicles his journey through suffering a stroke and the healing process. He travels the country and spreads awareness of disabilities, such as strokes, with the goal of giving hope to the hopeless. Antrone suffers post-stroke symptoms daily, but fights hard to spread his message.

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