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Meet Nicole, Arizona Government Relations Director


I am Nicole Olmstead, the Government Relations Director for Arizona.  I am thrilled to  be working for an organization that has a mission of decreasing the devastating effects of heart disease and stroke.  The issues that we work on, from healthy school policies to ensuring that all Arizonan’s have access to adequate and affordable healthcare, will improve the lives of the residents of Arizona.

Heart disease and stroke have affected me personally both in my immediate family and in my extended family.  There is a large history of stroke related deaths in my family, and knowing the risk factors and how to decrease me and my family’s risk is very important to me.  Additionally, my seven year old son was diagnosed with five congenital heart defects when he was 19 days old.  He had heart surgery at 3 months old and now is an active healthy child.  I firmly believe that the research and advances in public health that the American Heart Association has invested improved his outcomes and will continue to improve the outcomes for all Arizonan’s.

I am proud to serve as the Government Relations Director for the American Heart Association in Arizona.  If you need to reach me, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or 602-414-5346

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