Meet Jane Redford, Our Heart Warrior

This month we are thrilled to spotlight a passionate advocate at the American Heart Association, Jane Redford.  Please click this story to learn more about Jane!


Name: Jane Redford
Occupation: Director of Business Development at a tech company

How long have you been volunteering with the American Heart Association?

I’m just getting started after my open heart surgery (which was April 11). I’m getting involved in the Dallas area.

Why do you advocate to build healthier lives and communities, free of heart disease
and stroke?

Because I was fortunate enough to get a second chance. I want to help create second chances for more heart warriors.

What are your passions and your interests in life?

Adventure is my passion. I have a stacked bucket list. Now that I have this second chance, I’m more thrilled than ever to cross everything off of it. I’m want to cross most
of the items off with people I love. Life has never felt fuller and more exciting, and I want to share that with the people in my tribe. (I love being outdoors, being in the water (I’m most at home by a lake or ocean, traveling, cooking and writing.)

What is your all time favorite thing to do on your time off?

Travel! Camping, hiking, exploring a new city, etc.

Can you please share about the work you have been doing so far to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke?

Raising my voice as an advocate for heart disease early detection. I want to educate people on symptoms that indicate congenital heart disease, and how to prevent heart disease. I also want to use my voice to help all states adopt an early detection program for congenital heart disease.

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