Meet Dr. Brian Eble, Our Heart Hero



Name: Dr. Brian Eble

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Profession: Pediatric Cardiologist, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

AHA Role: President of the Central Arkansas AHA Board

Dr. Brian Eble was a key player in efforts to ensure that Arkansas newborns are screened for critical congenital heart defects. By using a test called pulse oximetry, doctors can detect low oxygen levels in the blood, which is a significant indicator of heart issues in babies. Pulse Ox testing was signed into law in Arkansas by Governor Mike Beebe in April 2013. In addition, Dr. Eble traveled with a group of Arkansas advocates to Washington, D.C. in May 2015 and stepped up to the plate for healthy school lunches and medical research funding. Our advocates made the views, passions and needs of Arkansas constituents known to their lawmakers in new and compelling ways. In his true to character form, Dr. Eble presented a red lunch tray to each Arkansas Member of Congress on Capitol Hill visits to leave behind a tangible reminder of our federal advocacy priorities.

The AHA Sweetheart Program has also benefited from Dr. Eble’s volunteerism. The Sweetheart program is a fundraiser for the Central Arkansas Heart Ball. It is designed to teach young women about heart disease and stroke. This year, the Sweethearts received a history lesson about major strides in the field of cardiology from Dr. Eble. He talked about the first heart catheter, heart bypass, and echocardiograms.

Most recently, Dr. Eble supported our AHA Advocacy Team in a Sip & Chat event at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where staff and physicians were engaged on the topic of SmokeFree Little Rock over hot chocolate and coffee. The event provided our staff with the opportunity to recruit grassroots support for the campaign to create a healthier city by making all public indoor work areas smoke free.

**Photo courtesy of April Zamora


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