Meet Chris, Nevada Government Relations Director


I joined the AHA in October of 2007 and have been working to advance public policy that helps drive our mission ever since.  One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that it allows me to be involved with a wide array of policy work; whether advocating for policies that are designed to help prevent cardiovascular disease in the long term, such as clean indoor air laws or physical education in schools, or policies designed to save lives right away like CPR training and AED placement or congenital heart defect screening for newborns.  This type of work allows me to interact with people from all walks of life and in various professions.  I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know elected officials, business and community leaders, educators and state and local government staff, among others.  It’s great to be able to represent an organization that is so well respected by such a diverse group of people.  In my free time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, photography and recording music, and even though I have lived in Las Vegas for over seven years now, I still enjoy supporting my original hometown Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers.

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