Meet Catalina Berry, Our You're the Cure Champion



This month our Advocate Spotlight features Catalina Berry, a You're the Cure advocate and Grassroots Action Team Member. Catalina has been raising her voice in support of healthy living. With her dynamic personality and passion for traveling and fitness, it has been a pleasure getting to know Catalina. It's advocates like Catalina who help us affect change in communities throughout the state. Read below to learn more about You're the Cure Champion! 

Name: Catalina Berry

Occupation: Outreach Coordinator for Seton Health Plan Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program

How long have your been volunteering with the American Heart Association:  I have been involved for 5 years but I've been more involved in the past 6 months.

Why do you advocate for heart: I like giving back to the community in general but American Heart Association has a deeper meaning for me because my daddy suffered and fortunately survived a massive heart attack in 2005. 

What is something in your life that you love: So many things! My family, exercising, giving back, friends, food! I love everything! :)

What is your all-time favorite thing to do on your time off: spend time with my family or workout 

What excites you most about advocating on local campaigns? Having my voice be heard and be able to make an impact on issues that are so important. As a Latina I want to help be a voice for a community that may not always be heard. 

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