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"The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers." ~Terri Guillemets
Volunteers play a vital role at the American Heart Association, working alongside staff members, and fellow You're the Cure advocates to jointly advance our mission of building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. Through the Pulse Newsletter, we highlight the contributions of our volunteer network. Each month, we select a Volunteer of the Month who is performing above and beyond the baseline of excellence. We're thrilled to spotlight the dedication and mighty work of Caitlyn Borosak, who is quickly becoming one of our volunteer all-stars. Read below to learn more Caitlyn!
Name: Caitlyn Borosak
Occupation: Wellness Associate/ Student
How long have you been volunteering with the American Heart Association?  
3 months
Why do you advocate to build healthier lives and communities, free of heart disease and stroke?
The upmost important aspect of our lives is our health. Without it, our quality of life can worsen, and the attempt to get back on track becomes that much more of a challenge. Throughout my years in college, I have studied extensively on the consequences that come from ignoring eating well and being physically active, and by advocating to build healthier lives and communities, the message of health can be heard much more loud and clear. Personally, reaching as many people as possible on the importance of being healthy is my passion, as well as a necessity; our lives matter.
What are your passions and your interests in life?
I love learning about food! A couple years ago, I developed an autoimmune disease that affected me greatly in a very negative way. For a year of my life, I could not figure out how I developed this problem and no doctor knew how to help me keep it under control. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research that I found food had EVERYTHING to do with it. From then on, I have become passionate about nutrition and being mindful of what I put it my body, as well as encourage others to do the same. Along with my passion for good, healthy foods, I enjoy everything and anything outside, going on adventures, testing new waters, and enjoying the company of those I love.
What is your all-time favorite thing to do on your time off? 
I couldn’t live a day without the people I love! Whether we are going on a short or long trip, making dinner, or doing absolutely nothing together, anytime I am in the company of my friends and family I am at my happiest. 

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