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Annette Adamczak: She Helps Students Keep the Beat


The entire student body at Clarence High School, nearly 1600 students, are on their way to becoming lifesavers. Thanks to the efforts of Annette Adamczak and a team of supporters that donated their time, students at Clarence High School in western New York were recently trained in CPR using the American Heart Association’s Hands-Only™ CPR.

Annette is dedicated to teaching hands-only CPR to high school students across western New York, in memory of her beautiful daughter, 14 year-old Emily Rose. Since Emily's passing from sudden cardiac arrest in 2009, Annette has been on a crusade to teach everyone CPR. And as result thousands of students in western New York have learned CPR. But she won’t stop there. She is determined to help families across the state by advocating for CPR training prior to graduation for all students. Thanks to her efforts, many lawmakers from Western New York are stepping up and calling for CPR in Schools.

Shouldn't everyone learn CPR?

Thanks Annette for all that you do!

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