Meet Amanda Rowell, You're the Cure advocate


When it comes to fighting heart disease and stroke, Amanda Rowell is leading the way.

Name: Amanda Rowell
Occupation: Teacher at CKLC
How long have you been volunteering for the American Heart Association: Almost a year now.
Why do you advocate for the heart: My father passed away at the age of 30 from cardiac arrest, my mother has suffered a heart attack, and I had a massive heart attack at the age of 32 after having a baby. I advocate for the heart for everyone I know living with heart disease and the ones who have passed away from heart disease. I also advocate for the heart for my children and their futures. I believe people need to know the facts about heart disease.
What is something in your life that you love: I love waking up to a brand new day each morning with my children and my husband. I love being given the opportunity to share my heart story with others and help raise awareness about heart disease.
What is your all time favorite thing to do on your time off: I love spending time with my family and making memories to last a lifetime. Family is very important to me. Every moment I have with them is precious. 
What excites you most about the NIH Rally: Being given the opportunity to let my voice be heard through speaking with congressmen and having the ability to advocate for change and continuing research for the heart and the American Heart Association.

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