Proposition 2: Medicaid Expansion

Around 62,000 Idahoans are caught in the health care gap; they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to afford private health insurance.  Proposition 2 will help these people -- farmers and ranch hands, working moms, veterans, and the soon-to-retire -- get the care they need AND save Idaho taxpayers money.  


Hardworking Idahoans who can't afford health care will often put off medical care until they face an emergency, and this ends up costing Idaho taxpayers more money.  A new fiscal analysis by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy shows how the proposed Medicaid expansion will benefit Idaho taxpayers.  The current system delivers only emergency care at a cost of $6700 per person per year.  The proposed medicaid expansion will cost less than $50 per person per year and the savings are dramatic: $15.6 MILLION!

Additionally, a recent study by University of Idaho professor and economist Steven Peterson found that the proposed Medicaid Expansion initiative would create around 5000 new jobs in Idaho and generate more than $20 million in tax revenue annually.

The American Heart Association is urging its advocates and all Idahoans to support Proposition 2.  Not only will this bill dramatically impact the health of those caught in the health care gap, but it will generate jobs, tax savings, and new revenue for our state.    

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