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Medicaid Redesign Is Right for Nebraska


The American Heart Association supports efforts that improve access to quality healthcare for all Americans.  That includes Medicare redesign which would help reduce the costs of health care and save the lives of hundreds of Nebraskans.  The Medicaid Redesign Act proposes providing premium assistance for eligible individuals who earn between 100 and 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit ($11,670 to $15,521 for individuals in 2014) to purchase health insurance through the marketplace. The bill would also provide expanded Medicaid coverage for those who earn between 50 and 100 percent of the FPL ($5,835 to $11,670 for individuals).

Medicaid redesign would increase the affordability and availability of health insurance and will help curb health care costs by enabling uninsured, working adults to access timely, cost-efficient care. The Medicaid Redesign Act would substantially reduce the amount of uncompensated care, which costs the average Nebraska family an additional $1,000 a year through cost shift.

Recently, a number of editorials have appeared in newspaper sources across the state.  For an editorial by Laura J. Redoutey, president of the Nebraska Hospital Association, CLICK HERE.


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