McDonald's Takes a Healthy Step in the Right Direction

Kids' meals are getting healthier but we still have a lot of work to do.

hero_image_alt_text===An image of a healthy meal.

As you may know the fast food chain McDonald's recently announced changes to their kids' menu you can read about the announcement is greater detail HERE. In an effort to make their menu healthier they have pledged reformulate their menu to reduce the levels sodium, sugar, and calories from the kids' menu. McDonald’s will now meet or beat AHA's low-sodium threshold, and will no longer list the cheeseburger on its children’s menu. On menu boards, mobile apps and new kiosks, McDonald’s will now promote bottled water in addition to low-fat unflavored milk and reformulated apple juice. This means the chocolate milk and other beverages with added sugars may still be requested, but no longer marketed to children. More importantly, McDonald’s will only advertise the healthy options for children’s meals in the future.

This is a great step in the right direction but we can and should do more. In New Jersey we will continue to advocate for healthy kids meal options in all restaurant locations and work to add healthy drinks options like water, milk, or juice to all kids' menus across the state. With children consuming about 1/4th of their calories dinning out this presents a tremendous opportunity to serve our kids better by providing them with healthy kids' meal options.

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