May is National Stroke Month

May is National Stroke Month and it’s a good time to make sure we are all aware of strokes. Not only how to prevent and treat them, but how to ensure everyone has access to quality stroke care.

hero_image_alt_text===Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke
thumbnail_alt_text===Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke

First things first- how to recognize a stroke. Always remember to act F.A.S.T.

  • Face: Ask the person to smile. Does their face droop?
  • Arms: Have the person lift both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
  • Speech: Have the person say a simple phrase. Is their speech different or slurred?
  • Time: If you see any of these symptoms, contact 9-1-1 immediately.

You must act quickly to lessen the impact of the stroke. Unfortunately, not all medical professionals or hospitals are able to provide the best stroke care. That’s where advocacy comes in. We can ask for policies that give folks the care they deserve when they have a stroke, like stroke designation policies for hospitals.

Are you near a stroke designated hospital? You can find out here. If you aren’t or want more Primary Stroke Care centers, join You’re the Cure in demanding quality stroke care in your community. Together we can prevent deaths from stroke!

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