New scientific statement on promoting physical activity

Fewer than 1 in 4 adults achieves the recommended amount of physical activity, with lower activity levels reported among some groups.

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Addressing low levels of physical activity among underresourced groups provides a modifiable target with the potential to improve equity in cardiovascular health. 

Physical activity levels are lower among those with elevated cardiovascular disease risk factors, among certain groups (eg, older age, female, Black race, lower socioeconomic status), and in some environments (eg, rural).

There are strategies for physical activity promotion that can specifically support underresourced groups such as engaging the target community in designing and implementing interventions, developing culturally appropriate study materials, identifying culturally tailored physical activity options and leaders, building social support, and developing materials for those with low literacy. Although addressing low physical activity levels will not address the underlying structural inequities that deserve attention, promoting physical activity among adults, especially those with both low physical activity levels and poor cardiovascular health, is a promising and underused strategy to reduce cardiovascular health inequalities.

Check out the full scientific statement from the American Heart Association here.

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