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Massachusetts What’s in Stores for Us?


Going to the grocery store is something a lot of people take for granted, but for 29.7 million Americans who live in areas where it is difficult to buy fresh food that trip to the grocery store is more of a dream. Low-income zip codes have 25 percent fewer chain supermarkets than middle-income zip codes. The result? Access to fresh produce, dairy and other staples is extremely tough at best, and simply not an option for far too many. The lack of nutritious food can lead to obesity, disease and a lifetime of trouble. Healthy food financing can have huge benefits. Without access to have stores that offer healthy foods how do we expect our children to grow up healthy and strong? The residents of the Commonwealth deserves to have access to affordable fresh foods. Healthy food financing programs can make the difference. We are working with legislators to support funding for the MA Food Trust Program.

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