Maryland legislative session update

This legislative session has seen some highs and lows in Maryland for heart health issues. Here are some of the highlights, lowlights, and where we still need your help.


On a high note, families in Montgomery County will soon have the healthier option made easier by the kids meals bill. Restaurants in the county will now have to make healthier foods and drinks the default option for kids meals. While we feel the bill passed was not an ideal bill for heart health, we do think that it helps move us in the right direction. 

Unfortunately, our kids meals bill at the state level did not pass. Despite our efforts and the bill moving far through the legislature, it unfortunately was not able to make it to the floor. We also were not able to see our efforts to restore local decision making to local communities when it comes to tobacco issues passed. For the bills we did not pass however, we did take them farther than we have before and we know that many legislators are interested in working on getting them passed in the future. So our fight continues on.

Speaking of our fight continuing on, we still have an important bill we are working on that we are seeing some strong support for. The self measured blood pressure bill will help ensure that medicaid recipients have this potentially lifesaving monitoring available to them. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a leading cause of death in the US - but with proper monitoring and interventions, we can reduce the risk of health issues like stroke or death. The legislation is now with the State Senate, Please contact your State Senator and tell them to support the self measured blood pressure bill!

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