Mary Cushman - An Advocacy "Hero"


American Heart Association Advocate and Board Member Mary Cushman takes her role as an advocate seriously, advocating for state and federal policy priorities for the American Heart Association.

As a physician and researcher, she knows both are important to preventing lives lost to heart disease and stroke.  But she also knows that advocacy is the third important tool in her war chest to prevent these terrible diseases and save lives through policy change.

Mary has traveled to Washington, DC to urge Vermont's Congressional Delegation to support research funding. She takes action often through the American Heart Association's own advocacy network and has worked on such issues as CPR in Schools, a tobacco tax and sugar sweetened beverage tax and recreational use of school property.  She's been so active, that she is now ranked as a  Hero in our network, having earned over 700 points for her actions in responding to advocacy alerts. Way to go Mary!

You to can be a You're the Cure advocacy hero! The more you take action, the more points you'll earn and the higher your advocacy status will climb! .

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