Mark your calendars for this October


A new You’re the Cure (YTC) is coming in just a few weeks! Earlier in the spring, we gave you a heads about some changes coming to the program based off your feedback, and we are excited to announce that they are coming this October!

So, what are these exciting changes? Well, I don’t want to spoil everything, but here are my top three favorite things about the new YTC.

1. A new website that works on any device – Whether you’re using an office computer or the latest iPhone, you can view and contact decision makers on easier than ever before.

2. New ways to connect with your lawmaker – Imagine there is a big vote in your state capitol and we need to make some phone calls immediately to push the bill across the finish line. Now AHA staff can send you a text message with a phone number where you can immediately be connected with your lawmakers. This is just one example where your voice will be heard quicker and in a more meaningful way with our new site.

3. Simpler is better – From learning our issues to taking action, our site has become simpler. Gone are the days where you need to type in all of your information every time you send an email to a lawmaker or sign-up for an event. We're making it easier to interact with us more than ever before.

We're so excited to show you the new You’re the Cure. So, mark your calendars for this October!

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