Pledge to stand up against tobacco!

We are calling on youth across Maryland to stand up against nicotine products of all kinds. For years, tobacco companies have marketed towards youth, hooking generations of youth into a lifetime of tobacco use, making them more likely to have long term health issues like heart disease and cancer.

hero_image_alt_text===Group of teenagers
thumbnail_alt_text===Group of teenagers

Today's youth have access to more information than ever before. You know the health impacts of tobacco and why we must stop people from ever getting hooked - but predatory marketing, disinformation campaigns, and plain old rumors can make it even harder to know what to stay away from and how. 

We need young advocates like you to pledge to stand up to tobacco companies and fight to keep people healthy - maybe you can be the generation that finally ends tobacco use!

Click here to sign our pledge and stand up to tobacco companies!

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