Make the Call!

Looking over my notes from this year’s virtual legislative meetings with lawmakers. I noted that all the lawmakers when asked about the best communicate with them said the same thing. They want phone calls!

They said that a phone call was the most effective and easiest way to get their attention. With a phone call, you could be the call that helps push forward an issue that may not even be on your lawmaker’s radar. The phone call is quick and very personable.

When making a phone call you should remember these 3 points.

  • Prepare: before picking up the phone – create a short statement using the facts.
  • State that you are constituent
  • Remember to say thank you.

If you are a little afraid of making a call you can practice.  Dr. Afridi, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Lighthouse Arabia, states: “One way to conquer the fear of making a phone call is to systematically desensitize yourself to the anxiety you experience by increasing the level of distress from zero to 10 when using the phone. For example, first, try calling or answering the phone call of a friend. Then answer or call a person who is a distant relative or acquaintance. Then make a call or answer a person that you have not spoken to in a while. Then answer or call a person who evokes more anxiety. The goal is that with each level you go to, you increase the amount of anxiety you encounter. Stay at any level until you no longer feel anxious with that category of people calling you or you calling them.”

I am always available to be an ear to practice making a phone call.

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