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Make One Click Go Twice as Far

Okay, you did it!  You received your latest action alert and with purpose, you clicked “send” and off your response went to your lawmaker.  Now what?

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It may be rare that we pause to think about the kind of impact we have on others.  But, when you take action on an alert, you make a direct impact on public policy.  Have you thought about how you can also become part of a movement?

It may be hard to see it sometimes, but with every action you take to support policy campaigns, it helps move our issues forward.  Your action lets decision makers know that you feel strongly enough about an issue to let them know.

You can amplify that action by taking one more step. After you send your email, you can also post a message on social media.  This helps us engage more advocates and helps you be a part of the greater movement on the issue. 

For some of our campaigns, you can also contact your lawmakers via Facebook and Twitter.  Like our action alerts, we try to make it easy - and everything is written for you with space, so you can add a personal comment.  Just click on the icon for which social media platform you would like to use, and in just a few moments your action will be maximized.

In the next alert you receive, we invite you to test out this feature.  Let us know what you think!  Our goal is for you to make a difference, and to know you are building a healthier community and state.  It is your actions that help drive our success.

Thank you for all you do!

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