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Make healthy drinks for kids the norm

We all want healthier drink options for ourselves and our children, but we are targeted at every turn with the unhealthy, sugary choices.

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The American Heart Association is concerned by the amount of sugary drinks children consume, and the increased risk for developing diabetes and heart disease that our kids face. Drink options for children are endless. Kids are targeted at every turn with advertising on billboards, TV ads, sporting events, convenience stores and restaurants promoting sports & energy drinks, fruit drinks and soda - all drinks with added sugar. This creates an environment where these unhealthy options are seen as the norm, not the exception, for children.

Many of us see these advertisements every day, yet we may not realize how common they are, and how their placement is meant to be seen by children as well as adults. Take a moment when you are out driving (or walking!) through your community, and see if sugary drink ads are easy to spot. Do you notice if healthier options are given equal placement? Which products are more likely to be featured as sponsor of local sporting events? What drinks are offered on restaurant kids menus? Together we can work to change our environments to support healthy drink options for children so that parents have good choices.

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