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Make sure You're the Cure emails are not lost in the shuffle!


Whether you check you GMAIL on your home computer, on your phone on the way to work, or even in the office (shhh… we won’t tell anyone!), I am sure you noticed a little change. Your email has now been automatically organized into tabs, such as Primary, Social and Promotions. This new feature can easily sort your mail according to your interests, but it also can leave You’re the Cure emails lost in the shuffle! With so much going on in your community surrounding heart and stroke issues, we want to make sure you are always the first to know when big news happens or immediate action is needed.  

The good news is that it only takes two steps to make sure you ALWAYS see the latest You’re the Cure messages in your inbox!


Step 1: Find your You’re the Cure emails in the Promotions tab and drag them to the “Primary” tab!









Step 2: Click YES to confirm!







That's it! Taking these two steps will ensure that you will always see the latest heart and stroke advocacy opportunities!  

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