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Maine Schools have Fun with Fruits and Veggies

Maine Schools have Fun with Fruits and Veggies.


One of the most important things AHA does is to work to assure that Maine children have access to healthy food at school. We work hard at the federal level to set standards that require schools to serve whole grains, less fat, less sugar and less sodium to our children.

There are many kids who get the bulk of their nutrition at school through the school breakfast and lunch programs. Studies have shown that if kids are exposed to healthy foods early and often, they will have a more nutritious diet going forward. That is why I love the fact that MaineHealth’s Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 program is in my daughter’s school.

Last week was “colors week” and the kids wore certain colors and tried a vegetable or fruit that was the same color. They had baked fruits on rainbow day, blueberries in plain yogurt on blue day etc. AHA works hard to assure that the Let’s Go! Program gets the state support it needs to continue these important programs in Maine schools and early care settings and in turn Let’s Go! brings their fun, educational programs to children across Maine.

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