Maine Legislature Goes Red!

Although Heart Month officially kicked off the next day, the Maine legislature was awash in red on Tuesday, January 31st.  

hero_image_alt_text===Maine Lawmakers in Red

Volunteers, staff and partners streamed into the State House to educate Maine lawmakers on how they can join our efforts to ensure that Mainers have access to quality affordable health care, tobacco-free environments, healthy food and safe and accessible ways to be physically active.  You know, all the keys to reducing heart disease and stroke!

The highlight of the event was a photo shoot of most of the women in the Maine legislature “going red” to draw attention to women and heart disease.  Yes, there was one male photobomber as well.   There is one in every crowd.

Volunteers from across the state shared their “Why” with lawmakers.  They discussed the importance of maintaining our smoke-free workplace and public place laws in the face of efforts to roll back protections from secondhand smoke (can you believe it???).  Volunteers touted policy initiatives that would ask childcare providers to meet important standards for nutrition, screen time and active play.  PE teachers representing the Maine Association of PE, Recreation and Dance joined AHA volunteers to demonstrate the importance of quality PE in schools. Many more partners from MaineHealth, the Maine CDC, Medical Care Development and the Maine Public Health Association to name a few, spoke about how they work in conjunction with the AHA to make Maine a healthier, better place to live.

Maybe next year, you can join us.   If you are interested, please shoot me an email:  [email protected]

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