Magnitude 4.0


This was quite an eventful week up here in Maine. 

We had an earthquake, I went to New Hampshire for a great Heart Hall, to Augusta for the Maine Public Health Association’s annual meeting and then to Wells for an amazing Go Red for Women event last night.  Phew.  Now it is Friday and I am listening to all the speech-ifying by the members of the Appropriations Committee.  Meetings of legislative committees this close to an election sound an awful lot like campaign speech after campaign speech.  They have real work to do as well, so this meeting may last a long time.  That is ok.  I have my laptop.  I found this picture on Facebook and loved it.  It does remind me an awful lot of these speeches.

This week was a combination of everything I love about my job. There have been nitty-gritty policy discussions; a fun dinner filled with laughing people wearing red boas; valuable learning opportunities (both at the Heart Hall and MPHA) and geology.  Ok.  Geology is not part of my job, but it was the science class that I liked the most in high school and college.  I was not a “science” person growing up, so it has been fun to be “forced” to learn science as an adult.  I am learning how the heart works; how preventing disease is the best route, but also how today’s amazing doctors can treat heart disease.  It is an honor to know that I am working for THE organization that is blazing the trail to rid our country and, in fact, the world of heart disease. 

Now, back to the political speeches.

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