Lunch and Learn with a Side of Sunshine


I spend most of my work time striving to reduce heart disease and stroke through changing statewide policies in Maine. Even when the legislature is out of session, the work does not cease. Maine’s American Heart Association Advocacy Committee analyzes Maine’s current landscape for policy, politics and healthcare to see where we can best affect change to reduce Maine’s #1 killer. We look both forward and back. However, even though there is work to do, the pace is definitely slower than when things are hopping in Augusta.

That leaves me time for really fun things like: Inviting a local news crew to your house to film a segment on healthy grilling. WMTW8 does a monthly Heart Health 8 segment for the American Heart Association.  July’s segment airs on July 8th. The segments are timely and very informative.  

If you want to see past segments, please visit:

I was able to observe the entire production and learned a lot about healthy grilling from our awesome advocacy volunteer and dietician, Lori.  Not only does she help me with my food policy work throughout the year, but she makes awesome grilled salmon and stone fruit.  She also grilled veggies, chicken and turkey burgers. There was nary a chip or hotdog in sight—and I did not miss them one bit. The best part was eating everything once the shoot was over.

The American Heart Association uses every available route to encourage healthy lifestyles. Media, workplace outreach, online resources, school programs, fundraisers and, of course, policy change.

The goal is to reduce heart disease and stroke, but we definitely have fun along the way.

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