Looking Back: Research and Advocacy in the Last Twenty Years


Stroke Connection, a magazine published by the American Stroke Association (ASA), is having its 20th anniversary this year.  To celebrate 20 years in print the magazine is looking back at some of the greatest accomplishments made by the ASA in the past 20 years.  In the Summer 2013 issue, Stroke Connection writers sat down with Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of the Duke Stroke Center and professor at Duke University of Medicine and active North Carolina You’re the Cure member!  Dr. Goldstein highlights Advocacy work from the last two decades.

Some of the AHA/ASA public policy achievements that are highlighted in the article include the work of AHA/ASA to secure NIH funding, encouraging the creation of the Stroke Progress Review Group, work on the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare Reimbursement of tPA.  The article even highlights the importance of the You’re the Cure network and encourages readers to get online and sign up on the Community Site!

Click here to read more about what Dr. Goldstein had to say in the article in Stroke Connection (pages 14 – 16).

You can take a moment and let congress know that you value investing in research and prevention.  Click here to write a letter to your lawmakers and let them know research and prevention are critical to building healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke!

We want to extend a special thanks to Dr. Goldstein for sharing with Stroke Connection his knowledge and insight on research and advocacy in the last twenty years!

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