Local control of local laws is under attack in West Virginia

Government is most effective and accountable at the local level, but some folks want to take away the right of local communities to create laws that best reflect their needs. This means that our communities will not have the ability to make decision that affect our lives and well being. Taking away local control takes power away from people. It needs to stop.


Local communities should continue to have the right to pass laws that are different from the state if local officials believe that state laws don’t do enough to protect the people in their community.  

Public health and safety regulations protect West Virginians from secondhand smoke at work and protect the next generation from addiction to e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products. We want to continue to have a positive impact for our children, and this legislation could limit that opportunity. 

Unless we act now, our ability to determine what’s best for our families and our communities will be at risk. 

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