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Local MN Foods Make Way to Cafeterias!


Check out this article! Many Minnesota kids returning to school in the upcoming weeks will find local produce and meats in their lunch line! 

ST. PAUL, Minn. - School children across Minnesota will be returning to class in just a few weeks, and once again this year they'll find more local foods when going through the lunch line. Erin McKee VanSlooten, a senior program associate with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, says every year the institute has tracked the data for Farm to School, the number of districts taking part has gone up.

"The most recent information we have from the USDA show there are 208 districts in Minnesota participating," she says. "Which means there are 609,000 kids that are getting local food from different districts across the state."

VanSlooten says that has a significant impact on the local economy, with more than $12 million from school meal budgets now going to Minnesota farmers. Continue reading here

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