Little Rock is declared the Fattest City in America

A recent study by WalletHub found that the Little Rock metro area is the fattest city in the nation. The study cited the large number of physically inactive people as one of the determining factors. Being inactive and overweight are the leading causes of many chronic health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. In fact, Arkansas has 4th highest diabetes rate in the nation. Today, you can take action to advocate for change in our state and sign the physical education assessment petition so we can give our kids the healthiest start possible!



We owe it to our children to make sure the next generation is able to grow to be healthy active adults. There is no simple solution to prevent this epidemic, but teaching children healthy habits is one piece of the puzzle. Studies have shown that healthy behaviors start when we’re children. Quality Physical Education helps children develop the habits that allow them to grow into healthy adults. 

Many parents do not even know what goes on during Physical Education classes. 

- Is the teacher licensed or certified to teach Physical Education? 
- How many minutes a week is Physical Education being taught? 
- Do they even have the proper equipment? 

The American Heart Association advocates that schools provide a yearly assessment of their Physical Education programs to parents. The idea is to foster an environment where schools and parents can work together to ensure that our children grow to a healthy weight and live active lives.

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