Lisa Deck, Rhode Island & Massachusetts

We want to thank longtime advocate Lisa Deck who recently testified on our Tobacco 21 bill before the Rhode Island Senate - Committee on Judiciary.

hero_image_alt_text===An image of Lisa Deck.

Lisa spoke from the parent perspective about wanting to protect her young children – and all children and young people – from deadly tobacco.  She shared her personal story as a stroke survivor and Moyamoya disease survivor, and noted that living a healthy lifestyle gave her strength and helped her fight these health challenges. 

Below are some additional points from Lisa’s compelling testimony:

  • Research shows that kids often turn to older friends and classmates as sources of cigarettes.
  • 90% of those who provide cigarettes to younger kids fall in the 18-21 age range – so the Tobacco 21 proposal is very much about protecting younger children too.
  • Raising the tobacco sale age to 21 would reduce the likelihood that a high school student or young adult will be able to legally purchase tobacco products for other students and underage friends.
  • As a parent, I also find it alarming that tobacco companies intentionally market to kids and young adults in order to recruit “replacement smokers” and protect company profits.
  • They know nearly all users become addicted before age 21.
  • I appreciate the tremendous progress that has been made thanks to all of you and the strong laws that you have already put in place.
  • But as long as there are still children and young people smoking or using tobacco products or electronic cigarettes, our work as parents, as advocates, and as lawmakers is not over.
  • I hope you will help save lives and put our children and young people first by support this important proposal.  Thank you for your consideration.
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