Lisa Deck, Rhode Island


We are very excited to share that Rhode Island Advocacy Committee member and stroke survivor Lisa Deck was recently selected to serve as a National Go Red for Women Spokesperson!  Congratulations Lisa and thank you for all that you do!

Click the following links to see our new Go Red for Women public service announcements featuring Lisa and other survivors from across the country:

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We asked Lisa why being a You’re the Cure advocate is so important to her, and she responded “KAITLYN AND ZACK ARE WHY.”  Here is her story:

I was a healthy 21- year-old college student when I suffered a stroke. A week before graduation, I developed a terrible headache and had all the typical signs of stroke- left sided numbness, confusion, speech difficulty. The first hospital quickly dismissed me as having a migraine. I finally went to another ER, where it was determined that I had suffered a stroke.

I was shocked, but also in denial — I was young and still felt invincible. I didn't know that strokes don't discriminate. I was diagnosed with a rare brain disease and have had two more strokes. I have been through years of treacherous treatments, numerous medications, many hospital stays, and suffered horrible side effects.

My strokes took away my initial life goals but taught me to rely on my inner strength. I've become a dedicated American Heart Association volunteer and advocate – starting with a fundraising dinner making over $12,000 and walking a half marathon. I've participated in hundreds of events over the past thirteen years: I developed an annual survivor luncheon to help others connect, attended rallies, Lobby Days, Congressional hearings, Go Red luncheons, fashion shows, races, conferences and networking events. This year, I have been selected as a Go Red for Women Real Women and have learned that I can make a difference as a National Spokesperson. I'm educating and empowering others through my Facebook page: ISurvivor Lisa Deck.

I am married to an awesome husband and despite all my medical challenges, we have created an amazing family. I'm the proud mom of two awesome children. Kaitlyn & Zack are my Why.

I will forever be a stroke survivor under the care of physicians but I am lucky to have thrived personally since my stroke. I will forever be under doctor's care and must maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. I'm blessed to be alive and fortunate to be able to make a difference in the lives of others. 



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