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Linda, Helen and Sheryl - Three Amazing Women


Linda, Helen and Sheryl—three women legislators—American Heart Association advocates.

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Read the phenomenal story of two legislators and friends.. Rep. Linda Sanborn knew that her friend, sometimes carpool mate and fellow legislator, Rep. Rankin, was most likely exhibiting signs of a serious heart condition. You see, Rep. Sanborn was a doctor before becoming a legislator….

Read their full story here:

Rep. Sheryl Briggs had attended all the American Heart Association’s Women Legislative Luncheons throughout her career as a legislator. The information she learned at those luncheons caused her to change her lifestyle. She and her husband have lost 100 pounds in the process. Her inspirational story was aired on WMTW8 during their heart health segment:

I am proud to work with these three women in their roles as legislators—they are strong advocates in the State House. However, I am even more proud of how they are using the knowledge they gathered from the American Heart Association—whether the importance of physical activity and nutrition or medical guidelines to help themselves, their friends and their families.

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