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Life is Why is the New Anthem of the American Heart and American Stroke Association



A celebration of life, Life is Why offers a simple, yet powerful answer to the question of why we do what we do.   At the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, we want people to experience more of life’s precious moments. It’s why we’ve made better heart and brain health our mission. And together with our staff and volunteers we’ve made an extraordinary impact. But we are just beginning. Until there’s a world free of heart disease and stroke, we’ll be here, working to make a healthier, longer life possible for everyone.

I’d like to ask you to discover your life’s “Why”? Ask yourself this: what are those moments, people, or experiences that you live for? What brings you joy, wonder, and happiness?

What is your why in life?

Whatever your why, we encourage you to share your “why” and like our Facebook page AHANorthDakota

As part of the American Heart Association family, we’ve provided you resources and tools designed to help you activate our new brand and clearly and consistently articulate who we are and why our mission is so important.  We encourage you to watch the video and explore:

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