LeWanza Harris, New York

Dr. LeWanza Harris is a witness to healthy food access inequities. 

hero_image_alt_text===LeWanza Harris.

As a member of the American Heart Association Board of Directors in NYC and a physician at Columbia University Medical Center in northern Manhattan, she sees the challenges that so many New Yorkers face when it comes to eating a healthy diet.  She counsels her patients to eat fresh foods and meals that are low in sodium, sugar and fat.  However, when they shop in their neighborhoods, those foods are nearly impossible to find due to poor access to food markets with healthy options.

It’s for that reason that Dr. Harris has lobbied in support of healthy food access for all NYC neighborhoods.  It shouldn’t matter where your subway stop is, the healthy choice should be the easy choice for everyone.  Dr. Harris lent her voice in support of the city’s successful Sodium Warning Label, the law that requires a salt shaker icon be placed next to dangerously salty food items on restaurant menus.  She is also the Co-Chair of the new Mission Collective, the AHA’s committee focused on improving healthy living and healthy eating by having healthy choices for all New Yorkers.

Thanks to advocates like Dr. Harris, the pathway toward heart-health is becoming less challenging in NYC!

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