Lew Panzo, Connecticut


I’m proud to introduce one of our newest advocates, Lew Panzo. Lew will be attending our Rally for Medical Research Hill Day on September 17th in Washington DC. He was 47 years old when he had a Myocardial Infraction. One year later, he was admitted with chest pains and had to undergo a Quadruple Bypass.

For the last 23 years Lew has learned to live with heart disease. He has made lifestyle changes including daily exercise and making sure to eat a heart healthy diet.

Given his experience, Lew is the perfect advocate to represent the AHA in Washington, DC during the rally. Lew will be meeting with key members of Congress to share his story and make sure they understand the importance of continued funding for cardiovascular research through the National Institute of Health.  We look forward to Lew having a successful trip and hearing all about it when he gets back.

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