Let's Work Together This Summer!

Summer is coming, and with it come many opportunities to relax and regroup after a busy winter and spring.  But - will you answer the call to continue to make a difference within You're the Cure?

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We hope that you have fun plans with family and friends over the next few months - and as the months pass, we know we will continue to have news within the You're the Cure network.  So: how do we stay in touch?

We'd like to offer a few tried & true tips and tricks that help to continue to hone and sharpen your advocacy skills - without taking too much time out of your busy days.

Tip oneDon’t forget about local policy! Within several local and regional municipalities in the Eastern Region, policy campaigns aren't taking a summer break.  Be sure to check your email as the days move so that you are always hearing the most up-to-date news about votes, hearings, and other events where we'd love to partner with you to share your advocacy voice.

Tip twoFederal Lobby Day.  Don't forget, soon we will have finalized our targets for Federal Lobby Day.  We will be inviting advocates within targeted districts to apply to attend this event, and we would hate for you to miss out on joining us in DC!

Tip three: Friends and family may want to help make a difference, too.  Think about who invited you to join You're the Cure - or how it was you came to be one of our very important advocates.  There are probably people who you know that may want to join the network and be a part of helping to pass lifesaving policy - consider inviting them to join you.

Kim and Julie say this all the time, but it is our advocates that help make the biggest difference to lawmakers as we pass policy that improves the health of our communities.  Thank you for all that you do - we look forward to continuing to work with you over the summer months!

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