Let's Make Tucson a More Livable City for ALL!

This election Tucsonans have the opportunity to support an investment in parks and recreation improvements, helping make our community a healthier and safer place for all to live. Here at the American Heart Association, we support Prop 407, the Parks and Connection bond, for several reasons:

hero_image_alt_text===Vote Yes on Prop 407
thumbnail_alt_text===Vote Yes on Prop 407

Physical inactivity is a contributing factor for obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  We aren’t active enough as a society, and this is leading to negative health outcomes.  We want to create a culture of health where it is easy to make healthy choices.  Walking, biking, running, and playing in your neighborhood shouldn’t be dangerous or burdensome - it should be a right and easily accessible for all residents to enjoy. 

Prop 407 seeks to upgrade nearly all our parks and improve our recreation system, while also strengthening connectivity throughout the community. This will help improve safety and mobility options to connect Tucsonans to the things that make up our daily life: parks, schools, and shopping centers, among others.

Vote YES on Prop 407 and mail your ballots today!


  • Early voting is underway!
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 6
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