NYC: Let's keep nicotine away from our kids!

Nicotine is a harsh and exceptionally addictive substance. In order to mask nicotine's taste, tobacco companies commonly add flavoring to both cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

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Sweet, minty, or candy flavors - such as menthol, bubble gum, gummi bears, or crème brûlée - are incredibly appealing to kids and that's why NYC instituted a partial ban of flavored cigarettes in 2009. With the alarming increase of vaping by teenagers, we need to take further action. There are two bills before the NYC Council right now that would limit the sale of all flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products in New York City. 

Let's stop flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products from luring our kids into this dangerous addiction.

cigarettes and e-cigarettes

Tell the Council that we need to limit Big Tobacco's ability to market these flavors to kids. Help our children live longer and healthier lives!

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