Let's Create A Generation of Heart Healthy Super Heroes in Oklahoma!

Good news!  The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Bill 2038, which will update and improve our child care center standards.

But our job isn't done yet... 

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thumbnail_alt_text===Capitol Dome

House Bill 2038 is moving on to the Oklahoma Senate.  We need you to contact your Senator about this bill that can have a heart-healthy impact on the youngest Oklahomans.

American Heart Association, You're the Cure

Our kids need to be in care settings that follow national guidelines for physical activity, nutrition, and screen time.  We can ensure our next generation of Oklahomans have a healthy start to their lives, and a more heart healthy future.  

Please CLICK HERE and show your support for House Bill 2038 today!

Together, we will be a relentless force for longer, healthier lives!

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