Let the State Board of Education know you support physical education in schools


Guest Blogger: Adrean Cavener, Government Relations Director

As you may have heard on the news, the Department of Education, along with the American Heart Association, presented a rule to the State Board of Education that would accomplish four major objectives:
1) Require a minimum of 60 minutes/week of physical education in elementary school
2) Require a minimum of 200 minutes/week of physical education in middle school, phased into 225 minutes/week after five years
3) Require 2 credits of physical education for high school graduation (One credit could be substituted with a season of a school recognized by the Idaho High School Activities Association, one season of a sport recognized but the local school district,  or 18 weeks of a sport recognized by the local school district)
4) Require CPR education for high school graduation

Each of these four proposals would be monumental on their own. The fact that we have an opportunity to pass all four at once is historical.  We want to make sure that the State Board of Education hears from constituents across the state in the next 60 days.  We have almost 100 comments in. Can we get to 300?

To submit your public comment today click here and scroll to the “Graduation Requirements – Physical Education” comment box.

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