Let's win the fight against heart disease!


It’s this simple. We need cures, not cuts. Unfortunately, over the past decade, funding for medical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been in decline.

Over the past 10 years, the NIH has lost over 20% of its purchasing power – a downturn that could not have come at a worse time for heart disease and stroke research. Countries all over the world are investing more in scientific research and the U.S. is in real trouble of falling behind.

What does this really mean?

It means that groundbreaking treatments for stroke are stalled in labs. Ways to prevent heart disease, our nation’s number 1 killer, are never found. More recently, it has resulted in promising young researchers leaving the field before their potentially lifesaving work ever takes off.

We cannot stand for this! We need cures, not cuts! But what can you do?

Right now, Congress is crafting budgets for the next year, including determining funding for medical research at NIH. We need you to speak up and tell your legislators that medical research is a priority. Will you send a quick email today?

Without us speaking up loud and clear- for important funding increases to the NIH, we will see progress and innovation in the way we prevent, diagnose, and treat heart disease and stroke slip backward.  From the jobs it creates to the lives it saves, medical research must be made a priority in the U.S. 

Speak-up today!

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