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Let's Bowl a Strike This Year


Another year has been put to bed and the 127th Maine Legislature and Governor LePage have been sworn in.

I am hoping that 2015 brings all of you, your family and friends good health and happiness. I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions because mine usually last about 2 weeks. However, I do vow to work hard, spend time with my family and get more sleep and exercise. I think those are good "resolutions" for everyone. Besides, we will need the energy.

I hope you, my wonderful American Heart Association You’re the Cure advocates, are ready for a busy legislative session. I anticipate that we will need to work hard to continue to make our case that Hands Only CPR should be taught to all high school students. We will also need to make sure that our public health system stays funded and intact and that kids are only fed healthy foods in schools.

The legislature will be tackling all of these issues this session. I plan to be in Augusta keeping my eyes and ears open—but I need to rely on you to contact your legislators to let them know that these issues are critical to you and your friends and family. We can accomplish our goals in Augusta and have a successful 2015—I just know it.

PS: I totally beat a 4-year old, a 5-year old, two grown men and my sister while bowling after Christmas. Let’s hope that is a good omen.

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