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Legislative Session Update on Safe Routes to School

Our 2017 Legislative Session has been moving fast and furious! We have been working very hard to move the Safe Routes to School Legislation (Senate Bill 1121) through the process, and have faced an uphill climb most of the way, but we are still moving! 

hero_image_alt_text===Students crossing the street while walking to school
thumbnail_alt_text===Students crossing the street while walking to school

If passed, SB 1121 would provide dedicated resources to infrastructure and non-infrastructure programs that allow children more opportunities to walk and bike to school safely. This can include things like well-marked crosswalks, new signals, bike paths through neighborhoods, or walking school buses. These are projects within approximately two miles of a school, which in many of Idaho’s rural communities can encompass a large portion of the entire town.

Time is working against us, as the Legislature is trying to adjourn soon, likely late this week or early next week. But we are still on track and working hard to demonstrate the benefits of Safe Routes to School, and how they can help improve entire communities. Thank you for your support and any actions you’ve taken to help us get this far. Please continue to contact your Legislators and let them know that you support kids being physically active and having safe places to walk and bike to school. 

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