Legislative Session Has Kicked Off!

The legislative session began on January 8, 2024, and is currently wrapping up its first month of session.



At the start of the month, Governor Hobbs' unveiled her proposed budget for the fiscal year 2025. While the proposed FY2025 budget presents a vision for the future, its fate lies in the hands of the legislature, necessitating a thorough approval process. As customary, budget negotiations are anticipated, where legislators will engage in discussions and assessments to ensure alignment with the state’s priorities while navigating through this difficult time of a state deficit. In tandem with these developments, committees have initiated their hearings. The ongoing committee meetings, scheduled to continue until February 16, 2024, provide a platform for in-depth discussions on specific issues, the review of proposed bills, and the shaping of the broader legislative agenda. The upcoming weeks promise to be pivotal as the legislative process unfolds. Stay tuned for updates on the intricate budget negotiations and the outcomes of committee meetings, both of which will significantly impact the state's policies and initiatives in the approaching fiscal year.

Exciting news! Two vital pieces of legislation have been introduced in our legislature. Senate Bill 1130 (SB1130), led by Senator Ken Bennett of Legislative District 1 (LD-1), focuses on tobacco retail licensing. House Bill 2643 (HB2643) and Senate Bill 1259 (SB1259), introduced by Amish Shah of LD-5 and Senator TJ Shope of LD-16 respectively, address cardiac emergency response plans in schools. SB1130 aims to keep our tobacco retailers accountable by establishing a retail license with regular compliance checks, while HB2643 and SB1259 focus on implementing comprehensive cardiac emergency plans in schools with AEDs readily available. These AHA priorities highlight our commitment to a safer and healthier community.

Finally, our much-anticipated Heart Day at the Capitol Lobby Day event is right around the corner. The event will take place on February 7, 2024, at 9AM at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Downtown Phoenix. This jam-packed event will include advocacy meetings with legislators, policy training, CPR demonstrations, and lunch. We look forward to meeting many of our volunteers at our eventful day of advocating for heart-health policies.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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