Legislative Session 2022 is Complete

On Thursday, March 10, the Legislature adjourned the 2022 session. The short 60 day session was even busier than usual, as the legislature worked to address numerous issues facing our state.

As a refresher, our priority tobacco control policies didn’t progress as far as we had hoped, however we were still able to make some great progress!

Two areas we’d like to highlight:

  • $5 million budget appropriation to the Department of Health for tobacco prevention, treatment, and cessation programs. Washington once had one of the best funded programs in the country but that hasn’t been the case for many years since the “great recession of 2010.” While this is just a one-time appropriation, we are hopeful this initial investment can help rebuild the systems that help keep people from starting use of nicotine products and helping those who are ready to quit.

  • Passage of SB5821. This legislation will help us better understand our state’s systems of care for cardiac and stroke patients. This is an important step for us to address disparities and gaps in resources so that we can truly improve cardiac and stroke patient outcomes.

Again, we want to extend a HUGE thank you to you -- our incredible advocates -- for your all of your advocacy and ongoing support. In these days of uncertainty and concern over community health, we hope you’ll take good care of yourselves. We look forward to continuing our work over the interim and in the next legislation to build a healthier Washingtonian for all.



hero_image_alt_text===A street level picture of the Washington state capitol building
thumbnail_alt_text===A street level picture of the Washington state capitol building
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